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Дом. Дым. Дом
Home. Smoke. Home.
ドム・ディム ・ドム


Art exhibition at
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
16 May 2022 - 17 June 2022
sponsored by the TUFS

Home is always at the center of any war.

It is attacked and has to be defended if you are on the defensive side. It can be destroyed and lost at any moment.

If an aggressive war is being waged on your behalf and you are against it with all your might, your home can no longer be a place of guaranteed security. It becomes an illusion of protection.

When you move from one culture to another, “home” gradually becomes an intangible concept and, like a constructor, built from previous experiences.

We held this exhibition on the basis of TUFS, involving university students in the process of preparing the exhibition, so that students studying linguistics, culture of different countries at this historical moment could not only learn about the Russian war against Ukraine from the media, but also feel how artists from Ukraine, Israel, Russia, Belarus and Japan comprehend this conflict through art; through the study of Home - a universal concept for any culture.







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