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Tokyo Around the Clock / REVISED
2002-2012 / 2022

During my active work as a photojournalist, my visual language was documentary. This period culminated in a decade photography project that uses over a thousand black and white photographs depicting everyday life in Tokyo in the form of a graphic novel.
I wanted to show places that tourists cannot see and those where there is no entrance to
outsiders. At the time, I thought I was shooting an "encyclopedia of Tokyo daily life."

Now I look back and see that I tried to understand Tokyo after walking kilometers and taking pictures of different parts of the metropolis. It was an attempt to curb chaos, to correlate the urban rhythm with the dynamics of the day, to understand what are the characteristics of each of the districts, to put together a narrative ... In fact, an attempt to tame and domesticate the chaos of a 38 million metropolis. As a result, with hundreds of thousands of steps and thousands of frames, I created a sense of belonging that helped me to feel at home in Tokyo.

Thus Tokyo Around the Clock happened; 24 hours of city life that never existed and lasted ten years.
I'm revising the project now: in the post-pandemic times every one of us tries to get their sense of belonging to the city back. It might be a good point to raise a question: how will each one of us be doing that?

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